About Us:

Americans United

Putting America First

The Americans United Party is dedicated to solving America's most pressing problems by enlisting the good ideas from any and all sources.
What Unites Us?
We have joined together to solve our most pressing national issues by enlisting the support of all Americans to work together for the general good. 

The Americans United Party will not operate as a traditional political party. We don't plan to nominate candidates; run against incumbents or hold elected office. We will help our elected representatives identify problems, discuss options and propose solutions to enact measurable and verifiable solutions. Our members are not only free to join another political party but are encouraged to do so.

Americans United will serve as a responsible forum for honest, unbiased, non-partisan debate free from the spin of special interest groups, ideological agendas or conflicts of interests. We recognize that it is difficult, if not impossible to eliminate all bias from any discussion but nonetheless, that is our goal. We will present all reasonable points of view along with the pros and cons of any issue we are debating, any idea we are considering or any solution we are proposing.

We support our original national motto: E Pluribus Unum - From many, one. This motto not only embodies the fact that we originate from many races, ethnicities, cultures and countries but from many ideologies and philosophies as well. All of this rich diversity of human experience is blended in the crucible of American life and what emanates is a consolidated culture with many diverse facets that unites us into something far greater than the sum of our parts. It is this convergence of differences that makes us uniquely American and gives us a distinct advantage over more monolithic cultures, belief systems and patterns of thought. Within the Americans United Party, we all share at least one important trait - we all love our country and want to see her succeed at home and abroad.

What can you do?
1. Review our platform. If you agree with any of our positions then we hope you will join us and add your voice to ours. If you do not agree with our objectives or priorities then tell us that as well. Either way, please blog us and let us know what you think. Your opinion matters!

2. Become a member and a contributor. It is our strong desire that you become a member and a regular contributor of your time, skills, ideas, solutions and yes - if you can; your money. All are important to help ensure we achieve our mission of solving our Nation's most pressing problems.

3. Spread the word. We hope you will help us spread the word about Americans United to your friends and family and --- if there is one or more of our positions that you support, please tell your elected representatives and ask them to get involved